About CrypexToken

CrypexToken is Africa largest crypto Payment gateway in form of crypto PayPal, connecting customers to products via crypto gateway.

Crypex Token aims at connecting Africa crypto customers either startups or existing company we improve payments across the globe. Crypextoken eliminates the hassle in accessing, exchanging and withdrawal of crypto assets. A decentralized payment gateway development to empower businesses in Africa especially.

Crypex Token will help improve your business through our payment solutions.

about us

you can trust

We've built a comprehensive token to help to create a payment system with ultimate simplicity & easy to use.

In CRYPEX TOKEN, we believe that similar to how Bitcoin rewards miners every 10 minutes, CRYPEX rewards stakers every day. A steady rate of 4% annual inflation is used to create the interest pool. Stakers can increase their share by staking longer.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create next generation blockchain staking technology where everyone could earn.