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Here are some key features that make this project unique
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Coin control liquidity

The crypextoken contract locked the presale BNB into the market permanently by burning issued liquidity Pancakeswap tokens.

Backed by BNB

A pool of BNB on Pancakeswap backs all crypextoken holders, who may choose to cash out at any time.

Rising Price Floor

The value of CRX/BNB pool grows as investors and traders buy and sell crypex token. Fees stay in the pool.


Download & and Read CRYPEXTOKEN Whitepaper

Read our technology integration and how we plan on moving forward.


Stake crypextoken - Earn More

Crypextoken is essentially a BNB Bond, which uses the Time Value of Money principle to lock up BNB at a given price per Crypex token.

Staking Amount
Staking Duration

Estimated calculation

0.00 CRX

Input amount

0 Days


0.00 CRX

Estimated Return


Simple and Easy

Manage your crypextoken with comfort and easy.

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    A clean and friendly user interface

    Our welcoming UI helps prevent mismanagement and offers a seamless user experience.

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    Begin Immediately

    Creating a wallet takes less than a minute. Your time is valuable, we understand that.

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    Unparalleled Low Fees

    We do away with expensive fees, allowing you to send and trade guilt-free.

High level of security

You can Exchange & Transfer money securely.

Exchange or transfers can be done directly from your own secured wallet. Well, you don't have to worry! There is a trustworthy way to verify this information through a public blockchain explorer.

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